Here Mona Lisa Gourmet Pizza & Pints our primary concern has been and always will be providing a safe, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere for our patrons. Due to the current pandemic concerning COVID-19 (Corona Virus), the hospitality business is facing unknown territory. We are actively staying up to date with the evolving situation and will monitor it closely.

For the time being we'll be open from 11:30AM-8:00PM 7 days a week. However, our dining room is closed. We are offering both take out and delivery at this time.

On another note we are focused on providing a safe and clean environment for everyone in our community. We want to stress to the community our commitment to sanitize all of our commonly used areas, surfaces, and fixtures. Furthermore, our employees are diligent with washing their hands throughout their shift.

We would like to stress if you are not feeling well to please stay home.

Come Enjoy Our New Foosball Table, Shuffle Board Table, and Pool Table while Enjoying Some Pints & Pizza!

Pizza. Beer. Happiness.

Enjoy gourmet pizza and local craft beer at our pizzeria in Hyde Park, NY

Are you looking for a pizzeria that serves mouthwatering thin crust pizza, local craft beer and affordable flights? Look no further. Mona Lisa Gourmet Pizza & Pints is a family-friendly pizzeria in Hyde Park, NY that specializes in making unique gourmet pizza.

Our modern pizza shop makes thin crust specialty pizzas that will blow your taste buds away and have you reaching for a fourth slice. We have plenty of flat screen TVs positioned on the walls and behind the bar. Stop by with friends or family this week to relax, feast, watch sports and enjoy refreshing beer from local breweries.

Don't settle for boring, mediocre pizza restaurants. Visit our pizzeria today to dive into gourmet pizza that's unlike any you've had before.


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4 good reasons to check out Mona Lisa Gourmet Pizza & Pints

Looking for new pizza restaurants?

Drop by Mona Lisa Gourmet Pizza & Pints in Hyde Park, NY to enjoy flavorful, irresistible thin crust pizza. Customers love our pizzeria because:

We maintain a family-friendly atmosphere
We bake specialty thin crust pizzas
We serve local craft beer and flights
We keep sports playing on our TVs at all times